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Why Image Management?

Your appearance directly affects your credibility, capabilities, behavior, body language and the perception of others might have of you.  When used properly, your clothing and grooming act as a resourceful tool that will help you achieve personal and professional success. Your image is what speaks the loudest volume before ever having the chance to say a word at all.  When you first meet someone, you have 2 seconds to present a powerful personal or professional appearance.  It is within this time frame that your observer will use their “gut feeling” to judge you.  This is what we call, ‘The Science of First Impression”.  Since most people made judgment based on this first impressions, it is imperative to have a powerful appearance or an image that best relates to your individuality, credibility and personality.

In a competitive marketplace and society you need more than a great smile to be remembered. Top2ToeStyliesta consultants work with individuals to manage their image from head to toe.  Your appearance is the one thing immediately obvious to others, you can’t hide it.  Think of it as your personal brand.  If you are product sitting on a store shelf, how will your product be packaged to grab the attention of shoppers?  How will your image or “packaging” impact others and what does it communicate?  At Top2ToeStyliesta, we teaches individuals how to take control of their image to project a positive and professional appearance that help others regard you more favorably.

We help them find answers to key Image Management questions, some of which are below :

a)  What perception do I want to leave people with ?

b)  Am I dressed to project an image of confidence and capability?

c)  Does my image influence my seniors, peers and team positively?

d)  Do people perceive me as a capable manager in my new role?

 Reasons to Choose Top2ToeStyliesta as your Consultant